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Why You're Tired - 5 Common Causes of Fatigue

Do you feel exhausted, although you’re getting adequate sleep? Have you noticed that your mood, memory, concentration, and physical endurance are compromised? Well, you are not alone. Fatigue is actually one of the most common complaints to health care providers, regardless of practice setting or culture. Getting to the underlying cause of these symptoms is the first step to help you regain your energy. With some simple laboratory testing and thorough history taking through your naturopathic physician, the root cause of your fatigue can be revealed, and strategies for re-balancing can be started to get you feeling your best once again! Below are 5 common causes of fatigue that I commonly

A Guide to Children's Vitamins and Supplements

With the start of a new school year, parents often wonder how they can optimize their child’s nutrition. Should supplements be used to improve learning and behavior? How about immune support? Can vitamins be used to improve athletic performance and energy? Or can we get all of our nutrients through diet? The simple answer to these questions are - we don’t generally have to supplement in healthy kids that eat well balanced diets. However, depending on what your child is eating on a daily basis, and their individual health needs, supplements may be necessary. In this article I hope to clear up some questions around vitamin supplementation, and provide basic guidelines for when it is appro

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