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In my newest article in alive Magazine, I cover what 'kid safe' natural remedies I regularly prescribe in my clinical practice. From cold and flu management, ear aches, and sleep issues, I cover it all. Enjoy!

Click here for the full article.

When you are trying to start or expand your family, there is nothing more heart breaking then not achieving your intended goal. In Canada, 1 in 6 couples trying to conceive experience fertility challenges. Having said this, many people are turning to acupuncture to hel...

If your thyroid isn't functioning properly, neither are you! Here's how to ensure yours is in tip-top shape.

Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, affects more women than men, especially over age 60 (1). The thyroid is the master gland of metabolism and energy, and af...

We live in a very busy, stressful, on-the-go society.  We work long hours while juggling the demands of family life, we sacrifice sleep, we rely on coffee to keep us awake, and reach for sugary foods for an extra energy boost.  Over time these habits affect us physical...